Một số đề thi speaking để luyện tại nhà

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    Dưới đây mình chia sẻ một số bài speaking ilets có thể tự luyện ở nhà. Lúc rãnh bạn cứ đem ra tự nói, tự thu âm, tự sửa, lâu lâu nó cũng lên đó :3
    Part 1:
    Where are you from?
    Do you think your hometown is a nice place to live in? Why?
    Does any member in your family have the same name as you?
    What do you do to make a living?
    Part 2:
    Describe a car that you like and would like to buy. You should say:
    How you know about it
    Why you like it
    What you are doing to get it
    Part 3:
    What are the advantages of public transport?
    What could be done to get people to use public transport instead of personal cars?
    Do you think that charging money for using the roads is a good measure? Why?
    Topic 2:
    Part 1:
    What is your full name?
    Do you work or are you a student?
    Do you enjoy your student life?
    Do you like photography?
    Do you like taking photographs when you travel? Why?
    When was the last time you took photographs?
    Part 2:
    Describe a team project that you have worked on. You should say:
    What it was
    What you did
    And how you felt about it
    Part 3:
    Why do you think we need project work?
    What characteristics do you think a good leader should have?
    What are the qualities of a good team?
    Do you think children should be exposed to teamwork?
    Topic 3:
    Part 1:
    What is your full name?
    Are you studying or working at the moment?
    Is it hard to cope with your studies?
    Do you do the housework?
    Did you do any housework during your childhood?
    Why is it important for children to help their parents with household chores?
    What kind of housework do you hate to do?
    Do people in your country prefer modern or traditional buildings?
    Are you interested in designing a building in the future?
    Part 2:
    Talk about a speech or a talk you have attended. Should say:
    What the speech/ talk was about
    Where it took place
    Who gave it
    Part 3:
    Do you think it is important to arrange a speech for school children?
    Who should give the speech?
    What can they talk about?
    Do you think that it is not easy to arrange a talk for school children? Why?
    Why do you think people attend international conferences?
    Why do people prefer to attend conferences rather than read books?
    Đề thi IELTS Speaking Part 1:
    - What is your full name?
    - Can I see your ID?
    - Where are you from?
    - Do you work or study?
    - What is your favourite day of the week? Why?
    - What is your busiest day of the week?
    - Do you like the place where you live now?
    - Would you recommend it to your friends or family?
    Đề thi IELTS Speaking Part 2(Cue Card)
    Talk about a thing that you own and never used. Please say
    - What is it?
    - When did you get it?
    - Why didn’t you use it?
    Đề thi IELTS Speaking Part 3
    - Let’s talk about recycling.
    - Give an example of things that can be recycled.
    - What are the advantages of recycling to our environment?
    - Do you believe that children in school should be taught to recycle?

    Phần : Cue Card
    1.Describe a lovely morning you enjoyed.
    You should say:
    When it was
    where it was
    what did you do

    and explain why you liked it
    2.Describe a time which you spent with your friends
    You should say:
    How close those friends were
    Where you spent that time
    And how long it was

    And explain how you spent it
    3.Describe an electronic item you have at home
    You should say:
    What item it is
    How long you have been using it
    how much you bought it
    and explain why you like it

    4.Describe your favourite shopping center
    You should say:
    Where it is
    When you go there
    Who you go there with

    and explain why you like it
    5.Describe a situation when somebody laughed at you.
    You should say:
    Who it was
    When it was
    Where it was

    and explain why that person laughed at you.
    6.Describe if you were ever interviewed for any job or studies.
    You should say:
    When this interview occurred.
    Where it occurred.
    who interviewed you.

    and explain what were you asked.
    7.Describe a situation where somebody was rude to you
    You should say:
    When it was
    Where it was
    Who it was

    and explain why that person was rude to you.
    8.Describe a night you could not sleep well
    You should say:
    When it was
    Where it was
    and explain what made you not sleep well
    9.Describe an accident you saw
    You should say:
    What sort of accident it was
    when you saw it
    Where you saw it

    and explain what you saw there
    10.Describe something which was expensive for you.
    You should say:
    What it was
    When it was
    where it was

    and explain how you reacted.
    11.Describe somebody you gave lift in your car.
    You should say:
    Who you gave the lift to.
    When was it.
    where it was.
    And explain why you gave the lift.

    12.Describe your memorable walk you had
    You should say:
    When you took this walk
    Who you took this walk with
    Where you took this walk.

    And explain why it was memorable for you.
    13.Describe a natural beauty you visited
    What it was
    why you visited
    who you visited with

    And explain how it helped you.
    14.Describe a lesson you had in at college or school.
    You should say:
    What lesson it was
    When was it
    Who taught you this lesson

    And explain what you learn in this lesson
    15.Describe a lovely weather you enjoyed recently
    You should say:
    What weather it was
    When was this weather
    Who were you with
    And explain how you enjoyed it?
    16.Describe a problem which occurred recently in your life.
    You should say:
    What the problem was
    When it occurred
    How it occurred
    And explain how you reacted
    17.Describe moment of being happy in your life
    You should say:
    When it was
    Who you were with
    Where it was

    And explain why you where so happy
    18.Describe your favorite dress
    You should say:
    What color dress it is
    Where you bought it from
    when do you where it

    And explain why you like it

    19.Describe a cultural performance in your country
    You should say:
    What this cultural performance is
    When is it done
    How it is done

    And explain what happens in it
    20.Describe unhappy moment in your life
    You should say:
    When it was
    what it was
    And explain why it was
    21.Describe your favorite sports
    You should say:

    what game it is
    when you play it
    who do you play it with

    And explain why you like it?

    22.Describe a time when you are sad
    You should say:

    When you when sad
    Where were you
    how you reacted

    And explain why you were sad

    23.Describe a website you have visited recently.
    You should say:

    what this website was about
    when you visited it

    and explain why you visited it

    24.Talk about an advertisement you have recently seen and liked it
    You should say:

    what advertisement it was about.
    Where you saw it.
    what type was it.

    And explain why you liked it?

    25.Talk about some change that you have done recently.
    You should say:

    What is it?
    when you did it?
    how you did it?

    And explain what made you do this change

    26.Describe a your favorite perfume
    You should say:

    What perfume it is?
    When do you use it?
    where do you buy it from?

    And explain why you like it?

    27.Describe an activity that relaxes you
    You should say:

    What activity it is?
    When you do it?
    who you do it with?

    And Explain how it relaxes you?

    28.Talk about a park you visited recently
    You should say:

    where this park is?
    who you visited with?
    what does that park have?

    And explain what you did there?

    29.Talk about a favorite plant you have had at home?

    you should say:

    where you bought it from?
    When you had it?
    how long you have had it?

    And explain why you like it?

    30.Describe a library that you visited.

    You should say :

    Where it was ?
    What it looked like ?
    What facilities it had?

    And explain what influence it had on you/how you felt about it.

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